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The Bridge Life

We are launching a new online only series today called, “The Bridge Life.” This online only series will release a new episode once a month in addition to our weekly meetings. Each month’s teaching is specific to our life together as a local church.

What exactly is “The Bridge Life?” Together we aim to be a gospel centered, spirit empowered, community on mission. It is really a convergence of three streams: Reformed, Charismatic, and Missional. You might say we are refacharismissional.

In our first episode we are focusing on being spirit empowered. If you have been around The Bridge for some time you may have noticed that we at times have contributions to our gatherings from some of our members. This may happen in a Sunday morning meeting or at a night of worship. A member may deliver a brief message or scripture, and then lead us in prayer. Have you noticed this?  

In this episode we look at what are contributions, why do we allow them, and how do we do this together. We are specifically looking at what is the new testament gift of prophecy that Paul says to earnestly desire?

Pursue love, and earnestly desire the spiritual gifts, especially that you may prophesy. (1 Corinthians 14:1, ESV)

So settle in, click play, and let’s learn together. As we do so, we want to honor PJ Smyth. Much of this first teaching is derived from our good friend and his investment in us over the years.
Welcome to episode #1 of “The Bridge Life!”
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