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The Weekly – 7.30.2015

Dear Ben,   Bridge family, Becky and I are very excited to be back home this Sunday! There is no place like home. We missed you all! We will be back in the book of Romans and I will be sharing some insights the Spirit has been teaching me during my month-long sabbatical. In Romans 1-11, Paul gave…


Romans pt. 5 – Real-ationships

In Romans 1-11, Paul gave us all a heavy duty dose of theology and doctrine. Now, after GREAT MERCY has been laid as our foundation, Paul switches to the practice of a believer. From Romans chapters 12-14, we are going to look at how these great truths instruct our relationships. Why? We are meant to…


Recovering Redemption

WHAT DOES RECOVERING REDEMPTION MEAN? RECOVERING Getting back, restoring. REDEMPTION God’s plan of salvation, the gospel. Because we have a tendency to drift from the gospel, we must be reoriented back to the gospel. We must recover a right understanding and application of the gospel. We must see that the gospel is the fuel for…

Songs Of Summer2

This Weeks News Letter

  It has been extraordinary watching Songs of Summeronline.  Mainly because much has been made of the name and fame of Jesus as we looked at the Psalms, but also because The Bridge has done such an extraordinary job of raising leaders.  It has been an absolute joy watching my dear friends pour out their hearts…

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