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The Dude’s Guide to Marriage Conference

The Dude’s Guide to Marriage Conference is happening soon! On November 6 & 7, we will be hosting, via live-stream, a two-day conference from Darrin & Amie Patrick discussing all things marriage — from highs to lows to disappointments and more — corresponding with the release of The Dude’s Guide to Marriage. Darrin is the…

Gospel Culture Campaign

Awakening: The Gospel Culture Campaign

A new sermon series kicks off this Sunday, October 4th! We are calling it Awakening: The Gospel Culture Campaign. Do you believe it’s your responsibility to help build a healthy church? If you are a Christian, we believe that it is. It seems beyond question that believers do not think often enough, or hard enough,…

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The Weekly 9.25.2015

   “Are you listening?”  This is a question we often ask to our kids, our spouse, or maybe even our co-workers. Honestly, we’ve probably asked the same question and at times been guilty of not listening. Am I right? Well, that line “are you listening” is a question we should all stop and ask. Are…

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The Weekly 9.19.2015

People matter. Good friends and partners in the gospel are necessary to face life and walk out the mission of God.  Join us this Sunday as we begin the final chapter in the book of Romans! We will see that Paul is a real man writing to real people with real issues, needs, and a common mission. …

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