Re-Opening Guidelines

Hi Bridge Family,

Today, we are excited to announce to all that we will begin a careful process of re-gathering as a church. What does that mean? I’m glad you asked. This is phase 1.

First – we will resume live-streaming two services, and that will take place at 9:00 and 11:00 AM this Sunday, May 10th.  So, for those watching at home, you will have two live-stream times to choose from.  
For both services, we will have very limited seating available for those who feel comfortable attending and are willing to follow our phase 1 guidelines below.

  • We are asking everyone who is at-risk according to the CDC guidelines to stay home and continue watching online.
  • We are asking all families who have anyone in their family unit exhibiting symptoms to stay home and watch online.
  • We are asking those who don’t feel they can maintain 6ft of distance as a family unit, or that cannot avoid hand-shakes and hugs, or just don’t feel comfortable yet to stay home or join us drive-in-style in the parking lot (we will have more on that in a minute).

It is possible that the majority of our fellowship may want to go ahead and watch online during phase 1. Here at the building there will be limited seating capacity at both 9 and 11 to attend the service. We will not be offering Bridge Kids or Youth at this point, but Bridge Kids and Youth will remain online during this phase. Make sure and check out the resources on our homechurch page.

So, this means that we have 100 seats set up on the sanctuary floor spaced out in small groupings that are at social distancing. There are 80 additional seats spaced out in the theater seating areas at social distancing. So, if you like math, that is about 36% of our sanctuary seating capacity. Those who do come to participate in the live-stream that the rest of our church family will enjoy online or drive-in style, will need to abide by the rules.

What are the rules?
  1. Please take your temperature before coming. Only come in if you are symptom free.
  2. If you are coming to participate in the live-stream, park on the paved lot.
  3. Once you make it to the building, we do ask that you come in, take a squirt of hand sanitizer and head directly to your seats without congregating in the lobby area. You are free to talk to people but only while maintaining 6ft social distancing.
  4. Our volunteers that are not leading us from the stage will be wearing facemasks. You are welcome to wear your own facemask as well.
  5. There will be no handshakes or hugs, but plenty of smiles and finger guns.
  6. Once the service is over, you will need to exit out of the building to the parking lot instead of congregating in the building. You can chat from your cars on the parking lot maintaining social distancing afterwards. We will need the time in between live-streams to re-sanitize the building.
  7. Proper sanitation and love for your neighbor must always be practiced.
  8. We won’t be offering beverages at first, so feel free to bring your own coffee to enjoy during the live-stream!

QUESTION: What if we have too many people?
What if we hit the capacity limit? It is a possibility and here is what will happen. Pastor Randy will inform your group at the door that we have hit capacity and that you will need to participate drive-in style. What does that mean? Grab your phone. Pull up your car next to some others on the gravel lot and flip on the livestream via facebook or youtube and have your own drive-in style church next to others.

Additionally, if you are uncomfortable coming into the building but feeling too cooped up to stay home, you are welcome to pull your vehicle into the gravel lot next to some others and participate in a drive-in-style church gathering. Please note though that our public wifi will not be available and you will need to use your own mobile data. This is due to the necessity for us to use our broadband for the live-stream.

Our church family has done a great job of staying positive during this difficult season, and we are very excited to begin the slow, careful process of gathering together as a church body.  We will see some of you in person, others in the parking lot, and more of you on-line!