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We are the church.

We have began meeting with social distancing guidelines in place, but below you can still find our livestream as well as the Bridge Kids video and activities. 

Bridge Kids @ Home

Would like to follow along  at home with Bridge Kid lessons?  The simplest way is to connect through the Lifeway Kids app available for iphone, ipad, or Android.  This option includes the lesson video, songs, discussion questions, the key verse and story point for both preschool and elementary students.  The app is $1-$3, depending on your platform.
  • Go to the ap store and download Lifeway Kids ap
  • Several Lifeway curriculums are offered. Choose The Gospel Project.
  • Next, choose the unit.  We are currently studying the New Testament, using the Summer 2020, Volume 8: Jesus the Servant.  There are thirteen weeks of lessons included in this unit download.

Great! Now you can follow along at home! If you have questions, please contact tammy@bridgelife360.com.  You can also keep up with what’s happening in Bridge Kids on our Facebook page.  https://www.facebook.com/BridgeKids/

The Gospel Project Volume 8: Jesus the Servant (aka Summer 2020)
Unit 22: Jesus the Healer
  • Jan 10: Jesus Healed Ten Men
  • Jan 17: Jesus Healed a Woman and a Girl
  • Jan 24: Jesus Healed a Man Who Was Lame
  • Jan 31: Jesus Healed a Man Who Was Blind
Unit 23:  Jesus the Teacher
  • Feb 7: The Sermon on the Mount
  • Feb 14: The Cost of Following Jesus
  • Feb 21: Jesus Taught About Prayer
  • Feb 28: Jesus Taught About Possessions
  • March 7: The Good Shepherd
Unit 24: Jesus the Miracle Worker
  • March 14: Jesus Calmed the Storm
  • March 21: Jesus Fed A Crowd
  • March 28: Jesus Walked on Water
  • April 4: Jesus Showed His Glory

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