Special Statement

Hi Bridge Family,

On Sunday evening the Centers for Disease Control and our local government officials in the state of Missouri recommended that all public gatherings larger than 50 people be canceled. Our local schools also canceled from March 18th – April 6th.
Considering this new development, we are transitioning from a church that meets in the building on Sundays to a church that meets in our homes. 

It’s our desire to obey Romans 13:1 and willingly participate in what our government is trying to do to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Not gathering as we normally do this Sunday is a necessary and immediate way that we can practically love our neighbor.

This decision is not being made out of fear or hype, but in an effort to follow the teaching of scripture to be wise and love our neighbor.

We are viewing this as an opportunity to thrive as a church—even in the midst of crisis. We say it often, the church isn’t a building and the church isn’t a meeting on Sunday. The church is the people. We’re the church. And through this pandemic we’re not going to stop being the church—we’re not going to push pause on being the church.

Rather, every Sunday morning on our HOME CHURCH page  @ 10 AM there will be:
  • Music
  • Preaching
  • A Kids activity
  • And Small group discussion guides

I believe that we as a church can flourish during this time and even through the difficulty, we can see growth in the way that we are being the church of Jesus to one another and to our county. Let’s keep our eyes on Jesus and not lose our confidence.

As you can imagine, church finances could become extremely tight during this season.

Please remember, ways to give can be found on our GIVING page.

We also ask that you fill out the online connect card each Sunday and let us know how many people are gathering in your home for church.

In the clutches of the cross,
Pastor Ben with the Elders, Directional Leadership Team and Staff