Advent Conspiracy 2023

Each year at The Bridge we engage in Advent Conspiracy. It's our annual Christmas offering to help fund mission locally, regionally, and globally.

Since our first offering in 2007, you have given over $500,000  in order to love all like Jesus loved. You have built water wells in third world countries, contributed to housing and the care of orphans in Haiti, trained pastors/or built churches in India, Zambia, Brazil, Nepal, Thailand, and around the USA. You've helped those enslaved in human trafficking, helped establish farming opportunities in Cameroon, and sent kids to camp.

That offering amount does not take into account all of the food baskets, shoe boxes, gifts to the foster-children Christmas party, or the food pantries we've stocked. We invite you to join the mission and help fund local, regional, and global work of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our AC offering will be  Sunday, December 17th and at our Christmas Eve service on December 24.

You can also give online.

Are you ready to take the challenge? We ask you to consider giving One Day's Wage
to strengthen and support the Gospel locally, regionally, and globally.

How do you compute One Day's Wage?
Annual earnings ÷ 260
Weekly earnings ÷ 5
Hourly wage x 8

Long ago Christmas changed the world. We believe it can happen again!